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Fee Schedules


We offer Administration Online Portal Access 24/7 for complying self managed superannuation funds.


Annual File maintenance, Minutes, Certified Financial Reports, unqualified Audit Reports & lodgement ATO Annual Report ALL inclusive.
Up to 500 bank transactions.

$ 1,900.00*

If a client cannot provide suitable formatted bank file data (CSV format) that can be downloaded transactions are billed at an additional .50c*per transaction bookkeeping fee.
Online Free Portal access.
Excluding automatic Bank Feeds or Share Packs.
No limit on transactions


Online Free Portal access.
Including automatic Bank Feeds or Share Packs suitable for Events Based Reporting requirements.
Actuarial certificates are at an additional cost from


Initial free consultation.
Subsequent Advice under ASIC regulations –
SMSF Establishment


SMSF Borrowing


Other consultation is at $250.00 per hour*
Fund Establishment including trust deed,  ABN Tax File and all registrations


With a Company Trustee Formation Costs


ASIC Annual Service renewal fee $75.00 if a sole purpose corporate trustee.
Trust Deeds & Deed Variations


Bare Trust and Corporate Trustee Establishment Real Property


Bare Trust Loan Agreements on  Real Property


Death Nominations, Power of Attorney’s are subject to individual circumstances and to agreement between the parties as to costs. Clients may prefer in some of these circumstances to also use their individual legal representation for whom we are more than happy to supervise, collaborate to provide appropriate minutes and applicable compliance subject to agreement between the parties.
Qualified Audit Reports, audit convention and compliance breach of SIS rules may be subject to further costs but subject to cost agreement between the parties.
Non complying superannuation fund administration subject to cost agreement between parties.
Any other costs by mutual agreement between parties.
Bank Feeds are organised with your Bank and are automatically downloaded to your files.
Share packs are organised with your Share Broker and are automatically downloaded to your files.
*GST has not been included.


We also offer Administration Online Portal Access 24/7 for clients that wish us to setup accounting programmes. Accounting programmes are available at discounted rates from various providers.
Our standard professional fees are (subject to notification of changes):

$ 99 per hour consultancy rate.

Bookkeeping Services

From $55.00 per hour

BAS Lodgement only

From $55.00 per hour

Research & Development Services

From $55.00 per hour

Corporate Lodgement Services

$75.00 per hour

 Facilitation of Corporate Tax Returns, Financial Reports & Minutes

From $950.00 per return subject to review

Facilitation of Director or related personal tax returns.

From $250.00 per return subject to review.

 Facilitation of Trust Tax Returns and Financial Reports & Minutes

From $1,500  per return subject to review.

For work undertaken for a period of less than an hour, the rate shall be charged in 15 minute blocks, or part thereof. All fees are GST exclusive. We are not responsible for any delays in the provision of information essential to meet the requirements and standards of the Institute of Public Accountants. Any such delays may require a revision and be subject to notification of additional charges. The fees and charges quoted are subject to review at the expiration of twelve months.
All terms and conditions, fees and charges are outline in a final Letter of Engagement.